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About Newton
The group of companies which Newton is part of, focuses on several markets with different client groups.

Newton was founded in 1993 and has done projects for large companies and smaller companies in different industries. Examples of products for which we have implemented projects are: household appliances, cars, CD's, DVD's, metal products, pharmaceuticals, plastics, cosmetics, coffee, sugar , tobacco, gum, licorice, glasses, contact lenses.

We are a dynamic group of companies that has the ambition to stay ahead in terms of new technological developments.

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The Approach
The core of our projects are well-formulated principles, regarding the goal and the specifications. There is much attention to important details, software, planning and communication. After an extensive analysis, a number of concepts will be presented. Sketch designs including layout, capacity calculations and indicative prices will made to determine which concept suits best.

Pros and cons of each concept are then weighed, so finally a responsible choice can be made. The most appropriate will then we be worked out into detail.

Newton BV supplies a wide range of quality dispensers. RoboDistri dispensers of Newton are advanced and meet the highest demands for speed and reliability. The dispensers are also characterized by a simple operation with clear operator software.

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