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RoboDistri The system consists of:


• powerful dispensers
• internal transport
• manual workplaces
• control
• labeling machines
• packing stations

At each order picking system, the software plays an essential role in stock management, dispensing the products and the final check of the dispensed products. We also have extensive experience in communicating with other systems.

Applications The standard RoboDistri orderpicking system is particularly suitable for logistic processes where relatively many small items have to be collected with maximum dimensions of 27.5 x 27.5 x 40 cm. The order picking system is already applied at distribution centers, wholesalers and at webshops.

The system is particularly suitable for automatic picking of ordering items packed in boxes. But jars, bottles, tubes and other shapes can also be processed with RoboDistri order picking systems. Suitable products are: games, office supplies, electronics, perfumes, tools etc.

RoboDistri can be applied for example at:

• Distribution centers
• Wholesalers
• Manufacturing companies
• Webshops who do their own order fulfillment
• Other situations where daily orders are processed and where relatively small products are the fast movers.

Manual filling
The RoboDistri automatic picking systems are manually filled. During filling, the software controls immediately if the delivery is right. During filling, the operator has every product in his hand and can visually inspect each product. Per person about 1,000 items per hour are filled and it’s possible to fill the machine simultaneously.

Before the products are to be filled, the products are scanned and the filled number of products is entered. The software then indicates how many products in a particular channel can be filled. The location where the product can be filled is clearly indicated by a flashing LED. Deliveries are quickly and efficiently stored.

Fully automatic or combination automatic / manual
RoboDistri can operate automatically but can also be combined with any manual handling. We always strive for the most efficient concept and that is often not fully automatic. Sometimes we work in phases where one starts with a relatively low degree of automation, which will be expanded in the future.

Minimum staffing and dependency on personnel...

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